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  Jul 26, 2013  

Kathy to receive a Burroughs Wellcome Fund Innovation in Regulatory Science Award for Systems Pharmacology approaches to understanding drug-induced weight gain.

  Jul 26, 2013  

American Museum of Natural History video features research of Esteban Burchard

  Dec 8, 2013  

Nadav Ahituv Provides New Insights into Enhancer Gene Regulation

  Sep 24, 2013  

Bioengineering recently launched a blog

  Jun 19, 2013  

Early-life Air Pollution Linked with Childhood Asthma in Minorities, in Study Research by UCSF Team Indicates that Traffic-Related Pollution Might Be a Cause

  Feb 12, 2012  

James Fraser Joins BTS as Assistant Professor

  Feb 12, 2012  

Les Benet Wins Ebert Prize for best original investigation of a medical substance

  Oct 17, 2012  

Shuvo Roy to Receive BayBio Pantheon Award for Artificial Kidney Project

  Nov 14, 2012  

Tanja Kortemme Wins First Prize in Gen9's Inaugural G-Prize Contest

  Oct 3, 2012  

Shuvo Roy's Artificial Kidney Project Receives $3 Million from Goldman Foundation, NIH

  Sep 6, 2012  

Frances Brodsky and Colleagues Reveal that Clathrin Helps Maintain the Centrosome's Integrity

  Aug 14, 2012  

Tejal Desai's MTM Program Receives Final UC Approval

  May 9, 2012  

Remembering Harry W. Hind, Pharmacist, Inventor, Leader, Benefactor

  Aug 6, 2012  

Bioengineering and Therapeutic Sciences Takes on Intrepid Summer Student Volunteers

  Apr 26, 2012  

Sarah Nelson Honored in SF Business Times as One of 150 Most Influential Women

  Apr 13, 2012  

NIH Funds 6 Ongoing Bioengineering and Therapeutic Science Faculty Research Projects

  Apr 12, 2012  

Tejal Desai Received Dawson Biotechnology Award

  May 2, 2012  

Japan for a collaborative meeting between PGRN and RIKEN

  May 2, 2012  

Congratulations to BTS faculty member Su Guo on attaining Full Professorship!

  Mar 1, 2012  

Kathy Giacomini Receives ASCPT Gavel as 2012 ASCPT President

  Apr 9, 2012  

Artificial Kidney Team to Accelerated FDA Program

  Nov 22, 2011  

Computer Models to Predict Drug Clearance by Liver Cell Show Promise

  Nov 10, 2011  

Consortium Inventing Medical Devices for Children Gets New Funding

  Oct 17, 2011  

Michael Fischbach Receives Packard Fellowships

  Oct 16, 2011  

UCSF/UCB New MTM Program Makes Headlines

  Oct 10, 2011  

Kathy Giacomini Cites Increasing Impact of Quantitative Pharmacology

  Oct 11, 2011  

Asthma Genetics Study Finds New Gene

  Oct 11, 2011  

Vuk Uskokovic is Awarded NIH K99 Grant

  Oct 11, 2011  

Welcome, Rada!

  Nov 29, 2010  

"Watchful waiting" has a new set of eyes

  Nov 18, 2010  

Shuvo Roy Shares Promise of Bioartificial Kidney

  Nov 11, 2010  

Congratulations to Dr. Leslie Floren for winning the 2009-2010 Long Teacher of the Year Award in the School of Pharmacy!

  Sep 3, 2010  

Giacomini to lead $15.1 Million in Research Funding to Improve the use of Drugs in Individuals

  Sep 7, 2010  

Roy Unveils Model of Artificial Kidney

  Sep 23, 2010  

ACDRS Frontiers in Science Workshop on the Risk-Benefit-Value Equation & Physiologically Based Pharmacokinetics (PBPK)

  Sep 7, 2010  

UCSF receives $15 Million to Advance Personalized Medicine

  Sep 3, 2010  

Local TV News Shows Promise of UCSF Artificial Kidney Device

  Jul 10, 2010  

Genetic Ancestry Data Improve Diagnosis in Asthma and Lung Disease

  Feb 18, 2010  

2010 PGRN RIKEN International Meeting in Hawaii

  Feb 16, 2010  

Co-Chair Kathy Giacomini, PhD receives the 5th Annual Outstanding Faculty Mentorship Award from the Postdoctoral Scholar Association

  Feb 3, 2010  

New Symposium on the Future of Therapeutics Inaugurates New UCSF Department

  Jan 19, 2010  

Burchard Joins Discussion on Race and Ethnicity

  Aug 21, 2009  

Two Circuits Found Responsible for a Cell´s Ability to Adapt

  Jul 31, 2009  

Desai Receives Emerging Scholar Award

  Jun 22, 2009  

Burchard Elected to ASCI

  Jun 2, 2009  

Protein Found that Regulates Glucose in Humans, Not in Mice

  Apr 30, 2009  

Imaging Lab Draws from Impressive Arsenal to Fight Major Health Threats

  Apr 24, 2009  

New UCSF Department Seen as Innovative, Timely, Powerful

  Apr 24, 2009  

Bioengineering and Pharmaceutical Sciences Join Forces at UCSF

  Apr 6, 2009  

Sali to Lead QB3 at UCSF

  Mar 31, 2009  

Giacomini and Peck Honored with ASCPT Awards

  Feb 12, 2009  

UCSF Helps Launch Chinese Course on Drug Development

  Feb 9, 2009  

Pharmacogenomics Research Spans School Agenda

  Dec 15, 2008  

Kroetz Elected Fellow of American Association of Pharmaceutial Scientists

  Dec 15, 2008  

Benet Receives Magic Bullet Lifetime Achievement Award

  Dec 8, 2008  

Drug Development Course Teaches Professionals to See Bigger Picture

  Jan 11, 2008  

Poring Over Proteins: A Conversation with Protein Expert Andrej Sali

  Nov 9, 2007  

Family Trees: A Conversation with Physician-Scientist Esteban Burchard

  Oct 5, 2007  

Mice or Men? How Important Is Conserved DNA? A Conversation with Geneticist Nadav Ahituv

  Sep 21, 2007  

Working Small, Thinking Big: A Conversation with Bioengineer Tejal Desai

Image credit: microphones: istockphoto.com, lab coat: © majedphoto.com.